You Are Beautiful – OUT NOW

My new single ‘You Are Beautiful’ is out now! 🙂

It is produced by the African producer Herbert Skillz, who has worked with artists such as Wayne Wonder, Honorebel, Ed Sheeran & Jethro Sheeran. Herbert contacted me via Instagram in hopes of making a remix of my own production of the song ‘Fly Away’. Instead, I suggested, we did something completely new, and so we did. With Herbert, I have felt very motivated right from the beginning. Especially because he agreed not to stress the process and take it step by step. I always go by my gut feeling and I sensed from day one, that Herbert and I were on the same page

‘You Are Beautiful’ is a personal song I wrote, because I needed to hear the words myself. I often make my lyrics by noticing how I feel at the moment and write from the heart. Next, I take a step back. Maybe, I go for a walk. Then I sing the song to myself, as it was someone else singing it to me. Then I notice, if It makes me feel stronger from listening. Perhaps, it makes me feel less alone. If so, I go ahead with the idea and work further, as I did with ‘You Are Beautiful’. Like other artists, I am a very sensitive person. I often feel many different emotions at the same time. If I get so emotional, that I suddenly start crying by listening, it is often because I get a feeling of happiness. 

I am proud of the song that is now out with a music video. Enjoy!

Video by Claus Dahlstrøm / Arenah Productions