Jen Eagle is a Danish independent singer and songwriter. She also produces music and often records her vocals in her home studio in Copenhagen. Summer 2020 she published the song ‘You Are Beautiful’. A pop song with a slightly afro-pop feeling made in collaboration with the African producer Herbert Skillz. It has an uplifting vibe and a catchy chorus with a message ‘To be you, just the way you are’. Like many others, Jen Eagle has felt she had to be and look a certain way in order to be accepted. The song is not just about all people being beautiful, but not being afraid to stand out and not get hung up on what others think of us. Currently she is working on a modern pop project with producer and songwriter Per Lange at Globus Studio in Copenhagen. She is also working on an acoustic piano project at Ark Recording Studio run by Kristian Ark Dalsgaard. Jen Eagle released her first piano song ‘What Happened’ November 2021. It is a slow pop song with a lot of edge and a powerful message that ‘Whatever happens in life only makes us stronger’. In addition to the music, she has a good visual eye and moves within art directing and fashion styling as well. She is also known to be an international fashion model. She started her modelling career at Scoop Models of Copenhagen when she was seventeen years old. She has always taken her work as a model extremely seriously, although her heart’s desire has always been for the music.

Photo by Claus Dahlstrøm

” I always wanted to find a hero who could save me. Finally, I have decided to be the hero. “The Eagle”. My goal is to inspire other sensitive souls to find their inner hero within themselves. I believe we all have the ability to do so.” – Jen Eagle