Jen Eagle is a Danish singer and songwriter. Her voice has a round soul sound and a particular uniqueness. She makes alternative pop music. Some of her songs have a twist of reggaeton. She writes in both Danish and English. Lately she has also begun to produce beats. It’s easy to hear that this artist is open minded and very unique. She is self-employed and works towards her goal of being a part of something bigger and reaching out with her music. Jen lives in Copenhagen where she is building up a repertoire of new songs/demos. She has often visited USA and is among others cooperating with the DJ/producer/songwriter Fredy Muks and the world class music engineer/producer Cole Nystrom.

Her latest release is the EP “Flyv Med Mig” (Fly With Me) May 2017.  The well-established rapper in the Danish music industry Al Agami is featured on the song “Ka’ Du Se Mig” (Do You See Me).

Jen is also known to be an international fashion model. She worked at Scoop Models of Copenhagen for eight years. She won great success to be the campaign model for PIECES and to be a runway model around the world. Meeting different cultures has inspired her as a musician. Making music and writing songs has always been a major part of Jen’s life and what has kept her going as a human being. No doubt that she also has an interest in visual art, style and fashion, which is reflected in her music videos and pictures.

Keep yourself updated here on our website. Follow Jen Eagle on Instagram, where she is very active and look forward to her next move.

Jen: ”My goal is to reach out to you with my music to make you feel free. Motivate you to get up and stand up straight. Life is not always easy. Not if we limit ourselves. I can not change the past. However, I can change the future, just like You Can! The time is NOW! Let’s Fly! “