Jen Eagle is a Danish upcoming electro-pop artist with a unique dynamic sound. She is not afraid to stand out and likes to mix genres. Visually, her style is a bit reminiscent of Lady Gaga. There is no doubt that this artist has something on her mind. Something she is passionate about telling us.

In addition to being a singer and songwriter, she produces music and often records her vocals in her home studio in Copenhagen. She collaborates with well-established producers around the world. Jen Eagle has just released the single ‘You Are Beautiful’ produced by the African producer Herbert Skillz, who has worked with artists such as Wayne Wonder, Honorebel, Ed Sheeran & Jethro Sheeran. Herbert contacted Jen Eagle via Instagram in hopes of making a remix of her own production of the song ‘Fly Away’. Instead, she suggested that they did something completely new, and so they did. ‘You Are Beautiful’ is one of the more commercial tracks from Jen Eagle. A pop song with a slightly afro-pop feeling. It is uplifting and has a catchy chorus and a message ‘to be you, just the way you are.’

Like so many others, Jen Eagle has felt that she had to be and look a certain way, in order to be accepted. The song is not just about all people being beautiful, but more about not being afraid to stand out and not get hung up on what others think of us. In the song, she mention that her mother has inspired her to stand by herself, whereas she has felt let down by her father. Feeling let down is something we can all relate to in one way or another. ‘You Are Beautiful’ is out with a music video recorded in Denmark.

The first place Jen Eagle released her music was on the music platform My Music. At the time, her music consisted mainly of self-composed melancholic piano songs, as well as a few electronic tracks with cool speech vocals. On My Music, she had good response. Among others, she got a three-star review: “Her voice sound a bit like Madonna, but the lyrics are so sad that I feel like shooting myself.” Jen Eagle was very concerned about this review, and at the same moment, she deleted her profile with all ten songs, and decided never to play her music for anyone again. The last thing she wanted was for others to feel bad about listening to it. Yes, behind the facade is a very sensitive and extremely self-critical young woman who has happily understood that the review wasn’t that bad. Who would not like to be compared to Madonna?

In addition to making music since she was a child, Jen Eagle has been a model at Scoop Models of Scandinavia. Being surrounded by new people all the time and putting on her “mask” has worked really well for her. Jen Eagle took her work extremely serious. She traveled around the world working for various major fashion brands. She describes that a model is actually “just” a product, and that she at times eventually felt almost dead inside. Back then, when she was at her peak, it was very much about being as thin as possible and the competition was fierce.

Jen Eagle chose to focus on her music, the dream and the mission in 2014, when she at a hospital was motivated by her own music. She contacted Per Ebdrup, she in her time met via My Music. They agree to re-record her otherwise sad song ‘My Child’ and make a more powerful version. At the time, her expression was gloomier as clearly seen in her first two music videos. Now the expression is a bit more commercial and finally she dares to “throw away the mask”.

Photo by Lasse Lagoni

I always wanted to find a hero who could save me. Finally, I have decided to be the hero. “The Eagle”. I do not really want to be anyone’s hero, but my goal is to inspire other sensitive souls to find their inner hero within themselves. I believe we all have the ability to do so.” – Jen Eagle