Jen Eagle is a Danish electro-pop artist with a unique sound. She is not afraid to stand out and likes to mix genres. In addition to being a singer and songwriter, she produces music and often records her vocals in her home studio in Copenhagen. Jen Eagle collaborates with well-established producers around the world such as the African producer Herbert Skillz she met on Instagram. Jen Eagle published their first project, the song ‘You Are Beautiful’ summer 2020. It is one of the more commercial songs from Jen Eagle. A pop song with a slightly afro-pop feeling. It is uplifting and has a catchy chorus and a message ‘to be you, just the way you are’. Like many others, Jen Eagle has felt that she had to be and look a certain way, in order to be accepted. The song is not just about all people being beautiful, but more about not being afraid to stand out and not get hung up on what others think of us. In the song, she mention that her mother has inspired her to stand by herself, whereas she has felt let down by her father. Feeling let down is something we can all relate to in one way or another. ‘You Are Beautiful’ is out with a music video recorded in Denmark. 

Jen Eagle is also known to be a fashion model. She started her modeling career at Scoop Models of Scandinavia when she was seventeen years old. Jen Eagle has always taken her work as a model extremely seriously although her heart’s desire has always been for the music. She has traveled around the world working for various major fashion brands both as a runway and editorial model. She describes in interviews that she previously used songwriting as self-therapy. Being a model can be tough sometimes and you often travel alone. Music has always been her best friend and still is, even though she now makes music for others and not just for herself. Her modeling career has certainly also inspired her to write the song ‘You Are Beautiful’. 

Jen Eagle is currently working on an electropop project with producer and songwriter Per Lange in Globus Studio in Copenhagen and is planning a new music video for the project. At the same time, she is working on an acoustic project in Ark Recording Studio run by Kristian Ark Dalsgaard. The project consists mainly of songs as she made them in her teenage years with only piano and vocals. 

In addition to the music, she has a good visual eye. She moves within art directing and fashion styling as well.

Jen Eagle is independent and is not afraid to take on new roles. One of her many mottos is: “What you don’t know anything about, you can learn if necessary“.  For example, becoming a music producer has never been her dream, but was a financial necessity and a hope of being respected in the music industry. No, Jen Eagle is not just another pretty young woman who wants to be famous.

Photo by Lasse Lagoni