Jen Eagle is a Danish independent electro-pop singer with a unique soulful voice. She is based in Copenhagen, where she recently started to produce her own music in her home studio. Jen also writes her songs and plays the piano. She is involved in several online projects with producers around the world. Herbert Skillz and Fredy Muks are some of the producers she works with. Currently Jen works on a new music project at Globus Studio. There she collaborates with the Danish music producer, also known as a music photographer, Per Lange. Jen is also known to be an international fashion model. She worked at Scoop Models of Copenhagen for eight years. She made several campaign, runway-shows, magazins etc. She traveled to the biggest fashion cities and stayed for extended periods of time. Making music and writing songs has always been a significant part of Jen’s life. In her song ‘Watch Me’ she describes life as a model with lots of attitude. Keep yourself updated here on our website and look forward to her next move.

Photo by Lasse Lagoni

Jen Eagle: My goal is to reach out to you with my music. Inspire you to feel free and to motivate you. The time is NOW! Let’s Fly!