Jen Eagle is an independent music artist based in Denmark also known to be a fashion model. Her music interest started in Aarhus, being the lead singer in a pop-rock band with junior high school friends. Just seventeen she moved to Copenhagen to study music and became an international fashion model traveling around the world. Lately, returned to Aarhus where she produces music in her home studio while looking for other musicians/ producers to work with.

Here you can get to know her through her music, work in the fashion world and ambitions for the future.



Her current releases are mainly within electronic pop, but with a backbone as a singer and songwriter, she often composes on piano. Her open-mindedness towards new expressions, adds a quirky edge that shows equally in her music, music videos and visual artwork. She writes her own lyrics and from time-to-time she records vocals and co-produces own projects. Jen Eagle finds inspiration in her travels, sounds from other cultures and in her fashion industry collaborations, that gives the music an international vibe. Hard times she has overcome in life also inspire her to that extent and is what drives her to continue chasing her dream. She works with producers both online from her home studio and in professional recording studios. Kristian Ark Dalsgaard at Ark Recording studio, Per Lange at Globus Studio and Sebastian Owens at Lydstudiet all located in Copenhagen are some she works with. Online, she had great success working with the African producer Herbert Skillz who contacted her on Instagram. They created a pop song with a slightly afro-pop feeling named ‘You Are Beautiful’. It has an uplifting vibe and a catchy chorus with a message: ‘To be you, just the way you are’. Since her official start in 2014 debuting with the single ‘My Child’, she has released six singles and two EP’s so far. In general, her songs have powerful messages, such as: ‘Whatever happens in life only makes us stronger’. Her keen visual eye, skills in art direction and fashion styling has been instrumental when producing music videos. Most of the videos are made in collaboration with moviemaker Nicho Oppermann and Claus Dahlstrøm. She has built a trustworthy network of fans and supporters that help her push her music forward and spread it with the world.



Within the first month in Copenhagen, she was discovered and approached by several modeling agencies. Her plan was to chase the dream of reaching the top as a singer and songwriter, but a life as a fashion model tempted her. She chose to connect with Scoop Models and the adventure started right away when Jen Eagle entered the international market to build her portfolio. She participated in Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris with great success being seen on the runway at Paris Fashion TV and the fashion media Gap Press and L’Officiel. Featured in a beauty editorial in the magazine DANSK founded by Uffe Buchard and Kim Grenaa also gave her good publicity. Throughout her modeling career, she has been frequently present at Copenhagen Fashion Week presenting designers such as By Malene Birger, Munthe and Susanne Rützou. She indulges new challenges and has been leading campaigns for mass market brands as the European fashion brand PIECES with the
well-known photographer Rasmus Mogensen. In Paris she also got featured in the fashion magazine Madame Figaro, and recently, she styled and was featured in the cover story ‘Eagle Unlimited’ named after her artist name, in the France magazine MOEVIR. She has also been on the cover of the Danish magazine Femina and in a swimwear campaign for the Danish brand Femilet. Jen Eagle now has an active engagement with Modelbooking located in Aarhus. 



For Jen, both music and fashion modeling have always been a part of her. The two worlds have certainly strengthened each other, although she has now chosen to make music her first priority in the coming years and wishes to engage in new creative collaborations. Not just for mutual inspiration, but also as the right music producer, publisher and booking agent would enable her to focus on singing, songwriting and live shows. Her goal is to perform in front of a big audience and to tour with her music.


Jen Eagle

Photo by Claus Dahlstrøm