Music That Inspires Me

I am (as you can see in my story on Instagram) a very energetic person!

I need to dance, sing and perform every day to feel good. Music is my life and what makes me keep going. My desire is to share my optimistic rush inside of me, and my will to NEVER GIVE UP! I believe that everything is possible, if you stop cheating!

Normally when I say that, people who don’t really know me and my story always answer back: “Yea, That’s easy for you to say.” and Yes, It is easy, because I’ve been down myself. Deep down… but first I will prove the opposite, before you get more of that story. I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me anymore! – Only when you have that thought your dreams starts to come true.

Like any other artist I am a person that feels a lot. No matter if I’m happy, sad, mad, silly or stressed out, I shake my body and sing along to music I love. I always end up with the same indescribable feeling, which I can’t even explain. The Rush. The rush I am looking forward to share with you on stage… 🙂


This is music that inspires me. Press Play:





Jen Eagle