Music That Inspires Me

I am (as you can see in my story on Instagram) a very energetic person! I need to dance, sing and perform every day to feel good. Music is my life and what makes me keep going. I desire to share my optimistic rush inside of me, and my will to NEVER GIVE UP! I believe that everything is possible if you stop cheating! Usually, when I say that, people who don’t know me and my story always answer back: “Yea, That’s easy for you to say.”, And yes, it is easy because I’ve been down myself. Deep down… but first I will prove the opposite before you get more of that story. I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me anymore! – Only when you have that thought, your dreams start to come true. Like any other artist, I am a person that feels a lot. No matter if I’m happy, sad, mad, silly or stressed out, I shake my body and sing along to music I love. I always end up with the same indescribable feeling, which I can’t even explain. The rush. The rush I am looking forward to sharing with you on stage much more in the future 🙂

This is music that inspires me. Press Play:





Jen Eagle