Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week was as always very inspiring. The combination of fashion, art, music and so many openminded people gets me high! 🙂 Before I started as a full-time musician, I was not only modeling. I also worked as a fashion stylist. I styled other musicians and models for music videos and fashion magazines. My passion has always been singing and making music. I am so happy I took the step going all-in as a full-time artist/singer. It makes me feel alive! Now I feel like a whole human being. Here are some of my outfits from this year’s fashion week in Copenhagen. (August 2017)  OBS,The orange dress is just some fabric I also used in my latest music video “Gi Mig Mer.”  Tip: find a color that suits you and ties the fabric to your underwear/swimsuit or somewhere… You will find your way 😉 


Jen Eagle