Copenhagen Fashion Week (SS19)

Photos by Lotus Photography

In this moment I use a lot of time in my homestudio after I also start producing the songs I write. Therefore I love to come out among people more than ever! 🙂

It was nice to be around so many other creative people and let myself inspire by the fashion and the magic atmosphere. I was especially fascinated by the shows with brands such as ELAINE HERSBY and HELIOT EMIL where the fashion, music and performance united at a higher level. I have a broad taste in fashion and is generally an open minded person. ELAINE HERSBY’s show was most consisting of colorful and white dresses with soft material which gave me the feeling of freedom. I was dancing happily on my way out when the show was over. HELIOT EMI is more minimalist, raw, cool, explicit and even hardcore sexy. I stayed in my seat a few minutes after the show was over with the feeling of wanting more. Overall, I wish the fashion week was a little longer! 🙂