Once A Model, Always A Model

Jen Eagle

Since many of you have shown interest in my life as a model as well as my music, I now share some of the photos from my model career.

As you see I did well, but I never really reached where I wanted to. I have always been very hard on myself!.. Now looking back I’m proud. In fact, my dream has always been something else. The Music.

To travel around the world and never really have to settle down felt comfortable for me. I’ve always liked the feeling of moving. Moving forward.

Now I have let the model career go and can finally focus 100% on my real goal in life. No matter how far I reach with my music, I will keep on going forever. I know that for sure. It has always been a part of me.

Whatever your dream is I hope you LIVE IT 🙂 We only have one life!


Jen Eagle