Jen Eagle is a Danish electro-pop singer. She makes alternative pop music with a twist of reggaeton and trap. It’s easy to see that this artist is something very unique and special. She sings in both Danish and English.

Jen: ” I don’t confine my creative mind. My goal is to reach out to you with my music to make you feel free and to motivate you to get up in the morning and stand up straight. Life is not always easy. Not if we limit ourselves. ”

There is no doubt that this artist has a unique story to tell, and is here to stay in the music industry. Her latest release is the EP “Flyv Med Mig” (Fly With Me) May 2017.  The well-established rapper in the Danish music industry Al Agami is featured on the song “Ka’ Du Se Mig” (Do You See Me).  Jen recently started producing her own music in her homestudio in Copenhagen. She is also working on a music project in the United States with the world class music engineer and producer Cole Nystrom. She is among others cooperating with the DJ, producer and songwriter Fredy Muks.

Jen is also known to be an international fashion model. She worked at Scoop Models of Copenhagen for eight years. She won great success to be the campaign model for PIECES and to be a runway model around the world. Meeting different cultures has inspired her as a musician. Making music and writing songs has always been a major part of Jen’s life and what has kept her going as a human being. No doubt that she also has an interest in visual art, style and fashion, which is reflected in her music videos and pictures. Some even call her a multi artist. She grew up in a home full of music and started singing and playing piano already as a child.

Jen: ” I knew from day one what I wanted in life, but being a musician or for that matter a model was not a normally accepted job where I came from. It’s just a dream. But nothing about me is comman. April 2014 I decided to start living my dream and here I am. Let’s Fly! “