JEN EAGLE is a Danish upcoming artist with a unique voice and personality.

Music genre: Alternative pop. (Pop with a global sound and energetic powerful rhythms and lots of attitude in her voice. A mix of EDM, Reggaeton and Trap)  Something brand new!

Jen Eagle’s goal is to inspire you to feel free, believe in yourself and create the life that YOU want. No matter who you are, where you come from, what you’ve been through etc. there are possibilities if you open your eyes and see…

Her latest release is the EP  ‘Flyv Med Mig’  (Fly With Me)  May 2017. The well-established rapper in the Danish music industry Al Agami is featured on the song  ‘Ka’ Du Se Mig’  (Do You See Me).

Jen Eagle has lately been working on a music project in Hollywood with the world class music engineer and producer Cole Nystrom. She is among others cooperating with the DJ, producer and songwriter Fredy Muks.

Jen Eagle released her debut single  ‘My Child’  in 2014.  Since then she released two EP’s and two singles. (‘Flyv Med Mig’  is her first Danish release.)

Jen Eagle is also known to be an international fashion model. She worked at Scoop Models of Copenhagen for eight years. She has been traveling around the world as a model. Meeting different cultures has inspired her as a musician. Jen Eagle won great success to be the campaign model for PIECES. Being a model gave her experience in performing. A sparkling performer!

No doubt that Jen Eagle also has an interest in visual art, style and fashion, which is reflected in her music videos and pictures. Some even call her a multi artist.

Skills: Singer / Songwriter / Pianist / Vocal Producer / Performer / Fashion Stylist / Writer / Art director / Model.

Jen Eagle has recently been interviewed in an international radio show  ‘The Black and White Radio Show‘  where her message was clearly pronounced:

Everything is possible, if you believe in yourself, let go and just FLY!